QLFits - QuickLook generator for FITS files

Its official website:

The author of QLFits is the same one writing the 'iObserver', an useful app for astronomers.
The author is an astronomer also :D

QLFits was a commercial app before, but now it is FREE.
I have it installed in my previous SL Mac and it was working quite good.

Now since I am using the ML, I wanna have it in my Mac too.
But the problem is that, the latest version of QLFits was released about three years ago,
I am not sure if it will be compatible with the ML.

I just ran the installer, and there was no error messages poped.
But when I tried to have a quick look on a MIOSOTYS reduced FITS file,
the poped QL window is totally blank...><...

Then after reading its offical webpage, I just realized that:

Make sure to open the QLFits PrefPane once 
in the System Preferences before using QLFits.

and after doing this, it works perfectly :P

I just visited the author's FB (actually, it is iObserve's FB),
and found he just updated the source code of QLFits two days ago.
Now the source code of QLFits is putting on GITHUB.
If you are using ML, and have Xcode & its command line tools installed,
you will have the 'git' command in your system.
Then try to following these steps:
1. (in your terminal)
$> git clone git://github.com/SoftTenebrasLux/QLFits.git
You will find the resulting folder after successfully running.
2. enter the folder and you will find 'QLFits.xcodeproj',
just click twice on it then wait for the window of Xcode popping up.
Then 'Run' the project, the products should be produced.
3. copy "~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/QLFits-'ooxxooxx'/Build/Products/Release/QLFits.qlgenerator" to "/Library/QuickLook",
4. open the "System Prefrence", you should see its PrefsPane :D
5. Now the version is 2.4.0~
6. If needed, reset the 'quicklookd'
$> sudo qlmanage -r